Gtk Lo Gafet - Download


Last Stable Version: none yet!

This is the development branch, which is currently under
heavy development and frequently introduces instabilities



GLG is currently pretty broken, especially regarding the Menu stuff.
I’ll take a look and will fix it when I’ll get some time…


C Sources and Binary
(Linux, FreeBSD)

svn co glg

Anonymous CVS access

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I have personally compiled and tested Gtk Lo Gafet under:

        Linux RedHat 7.3(Gtk 2.0 only and Gnome versions)

        Linux RedHat 8.0

        Linux RedHat 9.0

        Fedora 0.95, kernel 2.6.0

        Mandrake 9.1 (RC2)

        FreeBSD 4.6 + Gnome

        FreeBSD 5.0

        Solaris 2.8 (x86) + Gnome Logo