Gtk Lo Gafet - FAQ

        What is the Gtk ?

-     GTK+ is an Open Source Free Software GUI Toolkit, primarily developed for use with the X Window System”. You can download the GTK toolkit (, then compile and run on many platforms (such FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, etc.).

        What is ‘Gtk Lo Gafet’ (glg) ?

-      ‘Gtk Lo Gafet’ is an open Application Builder (AB) for the GTK. You create your interface from the AB, and then GLG creates for you the complete source code, with the Makefile. You can edit your callbacks (‘signal’ in the GTK terminology) from GLG, using your favorite text editor (vi, vim, nedit, etc.). You can also compile and run from GLG.

        Why this name of ‘Lo Gafet’ ?

-     ‘Lo Gafet’ is not a French word, but rather ‘Occitan’ (or ‘Patois’ if you prefer). In rural area of France, a while ago, people used to speak their own dialect instead of French. This is something now that belongs to the past. It was the ‘mission’ of the public school system one hundred years ago to kill the use of the ‘patois’. It’s amazing to note now that Occitan and other regional dialects are now learned and studied at the University… Anyway, ‘Lo Gafet’ means the young guy who begins the job as helper, and do all the first jobs nobody want to do when you have some years of experience…

        When a released version of GLG will be available ?

-     I have no idea ;-) It depends how much time I can afford to spend on it, the feedback I will have from users, etc..

        What is the relation between Glade and Glg ?

-    Glade is really a great application builder for the GTK and I strongly suggest that you look at it. Right now, it is much more mature than the GLG application builder. I have borrowed the icons from Glade, and also some ideas (placeholder for example)… But Glade and Glg are very different in the approach. I choose to interact with widgets mainly by settings resources, and not using functions (when this is possible). The generated code does not use any other functions that gtk_widget_new() and xxx (set resources), unless a resource can only be manipulated through a function. To describe a new widget, basically, I have populated a table that describes all the resources available for the widget. Logo